Cultural Heritage Infosociety


An international group of pioneers and experts stands for underlining the importance of collecting and digitizing paper and electronic sources in order to save the Cultural Heritage of the Infosociety discussion and development. Especially the sources between the "paper" and the "digital" age must be catalogized and saved due to imminent losses which occur in cost saving actions of public and private institutions.



Heinz Zemanek, 1.1.1920-16.7.2014


Günter Koch, Austria




Dieter Klumpp,  Stuttgart

Gerhard Chroust, Austria


Klaus Lenk, Eutin

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Rodrigo Trujillo Gonzalez, Spain


 Welf Schröter, Stuttgart

Wolfgang Coy, Berlin



Maria Rita Astolfi, Italy


 Hans Mühler, Potsdam


Michael Schanz,  VDE Frankfurt

Thomas Hart,  Peking


Norbert Gilson,  VDE Aachen




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