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Archiv Digitalisierung

Archive Digitization / Collection Information Society 

The Collection Information Society consists of more than 16.000 books, articles and documents. Most of them had been cataloged (not digitized) emphasizing mainly German originals from the seventies to nineties with focuses on INFOSOC keywords as:

  • Information Society, Knowledge Society, e-Society
  • Beginning of “Informatik” in Germany
  • Technology and Society, Societal Discourses on ICT
  • ICT and Culture Heritage, Digital Inclusion
  • History of the Internet, History Networks
  • ICT-Technology Assessment,
  • ICT-Security, Safety, Architecture
  • Privacy, Data Protection, User Protection, ICT Law
  • Innovation Politics, Economy
  • History Communication Technology, Economy
  • History E-Government, Public Administration
  • Mobility, Urbanism, Traffic Telematics
  • Communications and Media Research

The reference library of the Institute or Communication Research e.V./ Stiftungsverbundkolleg e.V. is located in Stuttgart near the Central Library of Stuttgart University, combined with the Institute for Communication Research (instkomm). It opens up opportunities for academic studies concerning all topics of Information Society. 

Beside scientific books and periodicals the collection contains important and (mostly cataloged) documentations from working groups of technical associations, governmental advisory councils, NGO discourses and transdisciplinary conferences - hitherto unpublished.

It is intended to shift the catalogue from the ACCESS Data Base Application towards a professional Bibliographic Software System fostering full academic usage.



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