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An international network of partners on the platform of the Institut für Kommunikationsforschung (Institute for Communication Research) covers all topics and problems of the information society, the knowledge society, the e-Society with multi-disciplinary approaches.

In addition to scientific research projects, the independent Institute organizes expert meetings and conferences,  as well as literature studies on history of technology in the reference library in Stuttgart/Germany.  With lectures and presentations, the Institute forces extensive knowledge transfer. Studies, reports and realization concepts are carried out on behalf of public and private institutions.

The dialogue events seek cooperative ways of elaborating Leitbilder (Guidelines). These are different to mere visions of the future as it is the case between discourse and discussion. Leitbilder include specific goals for implementation and realization time. They are embedded in the cultural values hierarchy, but also taking into account the societal, technical and economic change.




Institut für Kommunikationsforschung